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Sunless Tanning

Melanotan was developed at the University of Arizona and it allows
user to gradually achieve a Tan in a more natural way while preventing
skin damage caused by UV exposure. Researchers felt that the best
defense against skin cancer was to increase a person’s Melatonin.
The theory was to induce the body’s natural pigmentary system to
produce more melanin to become a protective tan on people’s skin
before UV exposure occurred.

This whole idea of sunless tanning was brought about to help with the
fight against melanoma, a type of skin cancer. It has been reported
that doctors worldwide have diagnosed around 160,000 new cases of
melanoma annually which is 75% of skin cancer related deaths.

Melanotan II (MTH) is a Sunless Tanning treatment that allows users
to gradually achieve maximum color in a natural setting while preventing
skin damage caused by UV exposure. MTH is an inject able Peptide
that increases your body production of Melatonin to give you a deep
looking and natural tan. A Sunless Tan can even be achieved by very
fair-skinned freckled patients.

You should notice a positive change in your skin tone in 10-20 days
but of course, results do vary on skin type.

Some short term positive and negative side effects include: Increased
Libido (Men & Women), Appetite Loss (Minimal Weight loss), Mild Facial
Flushing & Nausea (Very short-term).

We mix and fill your injections for you. All you need to do is follow

$50- First Office Visit (New Patients)
$40- Loading Dose
First 12 Days – 12 Shots
$30 – 1 Month Maintenance Dose
Twice a week for 4 Weeks – 8 shots

Your Tan will last as long as you continue the Maintenance phase but
will fade away like a suntan but slower and typically taking 2-3 months.

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